Letting Go and Embracing a Growth Mindset

letting go growth mindset

Explore how the concept of letting go, paired with adopting a growth mindset, can transform your business. By freeing ourselves from busyness, we can focus on meaningful goals and foster a disciplined, growth-oriented environment.

Why You Need a Plan to Exit Your Business

plan to exit your business

Learn why having an exit strategy from the day you start your business is crucial.

Explore the three exit options, understand risk management, business valuation, and the importance of personal vision in planning your business exit.

Leveraging DISC for Small Business Success

small business DISC assessment

Unlock the potential of your small business team with the power of DISC assessment. Discover how understanding behavioural styles can enhance communication, optimize team dynamics, and drive unparalleled success in your industry.

Books for Summer Reading

books for summer reading

If you are looking to read some books to stay up to date on leadership concepts or develop a greater understanding of the current issues facing business owners, here are my top 5 books for your Summer reading list.

Lead With Your Heart

lead with your heart

Have you ever felt as a leader that even when you have changed your actions or habits, you are still not achieving the desired results? When we change our leadership style from a self-focused leader to a lead with your heart leader, we begin to truly impact the lives of those around you.

Moving Forward After Experiencing Failure

Moving Forward After Experiencing Failure

Experiencing failure is a part of life, and it can be a painful and difficult experience. However, it is also an opportunity for growth and learning.

These tips help you move forward, stay positive and set new goals.

Goal Setting Tips

Goal Setting Tips Blog Post Image

Goal setting is an essential practice that helps us focus on what we want to achieve and develop a plan to make it happen.
The greatest challenge occurs when we do not achieve our goal or when it takes longer than we expected to achieve the goal.

4 Steps to Effective Delegation

4 Steps to Effective Delegation

Delegation places the work where the most appropriate person can do it and it frees up our time for the most important tasks. This will expand the depth of the team for future success.

How to Build a Winning Team

Leaders know that a shared purpose is more powerful than a collection of individual accomplishments.

Just like when kids are chasing a ball all over the field, teams can sometimes feel as though they are doing the work, but not producing the results.

How to build trust in your team

A leader builds trust within their team to ensure that those around them are invested in their cause. Building trust guarantees a team will perform at its peak.

In fact, trust is what will make a team perform, not goals or metrics.