letting go growth mindset

Letting Go and Embracing a Growth Mindset

Explore how the concept of letting go, paired with adopting a growth mindset, can transform your business.

By freeing ourselves from busyness, we can focus on meaningful goals and foster a disciplined, growth-oriented environment.

Eliminating the nonessentials isn’t just about mental discipline. It’s about the emotional discipline necessary to say no to social pressure.

Imagine This

You walk into your business on a Monday morning. The phones are ringing, the staff and customers are smiling, and your Office Manager is approaching you with an urgent look on their face. They greet you, ask about your weekend, and listen attentively. Then, they proceed to tell you about a major issue your company is facing in the next few days. But here’s the twist—they also tell you how they, with the help of some team members, have already solved the problem. All they need now is for you to sign off on it.

As you read their proposal, a smile spreads across your face. You sign off on the paperwork, satisfied that they’ve come up with the best solution.

How would that make you feel?

This scenario isn’t as far-fetched as you might think, but achieving it requires a significant step: letting go of certain things.

Letting Go

I recently worked with a client whose biggest takeaway from our session was their struggle with letting go. As we delved into this issue, we uncovered a lifelong habit of holding onto things because they believed those things were worth more than they were. This is known as sunk cost, one of the biggest challenges we face in our lives.

I, too, have struggled with this challenge, though I called it something different: being stuck. Unable to make a decision and move forward with an idea.

Then my coach asked me, “Do you have a growth mindset?” I was taken aback, paused for what felt like an eternity, and then stammered for an answer.

Do I have a growth mindset?

The question was about my adaptability to change in my life that causes discomfort and growth in my relationships. It got me thinking about all the things I do as a Business Coach and whether I am willing to adapt as I expect my clients to.

letting go growth mindset


To take it a step further, am I open to change all the time? To be in a growth mindset? Because I believe that if we are not willing to change and move forward, we will eventually fall back.

This is where the concepts of “letting go of the past” and “growth mindset” converge.

If you speak with any gardener, they will tell you that next to the soil, the most important aspect of growing a healthy plant is pruning. Pruning is the letting go in our lives so that new growth and opportunities can flourish.

How does this impact your business?

Greg McKeown, in his book “Essentialism,” points out that we are surrounded by noise, most of which is not valuable. Unfortunately, we are often the last to recognize this noise, distracted by our own busyness.

Our busyness is what gets in the way of being more disciplined and focusing on being great business owners. Growth mindset.

What are some solutions?

The answer lies in analyzing what you are saying yes to and discovering when you can say no more often. Letting go.

McKeown puts it this way: “Eliminating the nonessentials isn’t just about mental discipline. It’s about the emotional discipline necessary to say no to social pressure.”

Wow, how powerful.

Do you find yourself saying yes due to social pressure?

Free yourself from busyness and let go. Then, review your goals and step into a growth mindset to build manageable, actionable disciplines every day.

Ready to secure the future of your business? Start planning to let go today! Discover the key steps and envision your next chapter.