DISC Assessment for Effective Team Building

Learn your DISC Style and Book a Coaching Session with Jim

$249.00 Includes:

Extended DISC® Assessment

45 Minute 1:1 Coaching Session

4 Training Videos

4 Style Modification Videos

The Extended DISC® assessment will provide you with the map to more successful interactions with others.

How do you connect with everyone on your team?

The first step is to know your DISC style.

Understanding your DISC-style can help you bring the best version of yourself to work every day… and foster a harmonious and productive work environment.

By taking the time to learn about DISC styles and how they work together, you’ll be on the path to building effective working relationships.

Understanding human behaviour is paramount when building and leading a cohesive team.

One powerful tool for decoding behaviour is the DISC assessment, which categorizes individuals into four primary behavioural styles:

Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Correctness.

Introducing Extended DISC®

Extended DISC® assessments are the perfect tools to take individual, team and organizational performance to the next level.

Meet Jim Shopland, Business Coach

Jim provides leaders and business owners with the tools to support a high-performing operation without sacrificing the joys of life outside of work.

His superpower is in finding creative, practical solutions to unique problems, particularly around leadership development, succession planning, company culture, and decision making.

Jim has worked with many leaders and teams that utilize the DISC framework to provide insight into how team members prefer to receive information and interact with others.

This understanding fosters smoother collaboration, minimizes conflicts, and promotes a positive work environment.

Take your leadership to the next level!

Solutions Based Business Coaching

As a business leader, you understand that your success hinges significantly on your interpersonal skills.

Your ability to connect, communicate, inspire, and rally your team is essential for thriving in your industry and nurturing enduring relationships with customers, prospects, and stakeholders.

This assessment will help you if....

You are a business owner.

You are a leader in business.

You want to be a more effective leader.

You want to improve your relationships with others.

The assessment provides a road map to more successful interactions with others.

You will learn:

The four main human behavioural styles.

Who you are and how others perceive you.

How to read other people and better understand them.

How to adjust your communication style to achieve your goals.

Learn your DISC Style and Book a Coaching Session with Jim:

How to book your assessment:

  1. Select a date & time that is convenient for your schedule.
  2. Answer the required questions and complete your payment information.
  3. Once payment is processed you will receive a link for the appointment.
  4. You will then receive a code to access your Extended DISC® Assessment.
  5. Results will be emailed to you within 24 hours of completing the assessment.

Extended DISC® Assessments

Impact for Teams

Discounts for Groups of 3 or more.

Extended DISC® aids in optimizing team dynamics.

By strategically assembling individuals with diverse behavioral styles, teams can capitalize on a range of strengths and perspectives, leading to more innovative problem-solving and heightened productivity.

Incorporating DISC into team-building equips leaders with invaluable insights into their team members’ preferences and tendencies, facilitating stronger relationships, improved teamwork, and greater overall success.

The beauty of teamwork lies in its diversity. Each member brings their own unique strengths and perspectives to the table, enriching the collective tapestry of your organization.

By embracing these differences and harnessing the power of DISC, you pave the way for enhanced communication, harmonious collaboration, and ultimately, greater achievements.

DISC Myths

Each one of us falls into one or more of the 4 DISC behavioural styles, and we probably have some pre-judgments as to what each one of them means.

This video does some myth-busting to separate fact from fiction.

Leveraging DISC

Incorporating DISC into team-building endeavours equips leaders with invaluable insights into their team members’ preferences and tendencies, facilitating stronger relationships, improved teamwork, and greater overall success.

Client Testimonials

"They understand the intricacies involved with running a business as a family, and have been able to support us uniquely in that way.”
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Dr. Rory
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“Jim & Laurie helped identified all the areas of my business that needed optimizing, structure, strategy and professionalizing. I now have a professional, predictable and focussed business and I am creating the exact results I want in my life.”
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Business Owner
"They offer a unique perspective each with their own strengths that they bring to the table. Laurie offers really useful and impactful mindset tools and coaching, while Jim brings very practical and easy to implement business strategies to the table"
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Dr. Ally
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