Personalized Coaching Programs

Business + Life Coaching with Jim & Laurie

As certified business and life coaches, Jim and Laurie provide business owners with the tools to double down on the well-being of their business and their family lives. Jim and Laurie’s dynamic strengths, education, and experiences balance the analytical with the intuitive for a one-of-a-kind offering that is tailored to each client’s needs.

This program is ideal for solo business owners and/or couples in business together who want coaching on both business and life!

Join us on January 26th for our

Business Planning Workshop

This program is for business owners wanting to increase their bottom line while maximizing time with their families. Under the guidance of your coaches, you will identify the obstacles standing in your way of achieving your vision for your business and family. 

Each session will provide proven business strategies and mindset shifts to implement that will help you take your business and your family life to the next level!

This coaching service gives clients the opportunity to:

  • Drill down on the goals of the family and the business as a team
  • Implement healthy boundaries to preserve family time and prioritize fun
  • Align business objectives with people strategy to optimize talent
  • Create an organizational culture of emotional wellness
  • Maximize profits without compromising life outside of work
  • Balance the demands of a growing business with the needs of the family

Included with the Business + Life Coaching with Jim & Laurie:

  • Three months of Private Coaching with Jim and Laurie
  • Six – 50-minute calls via Zoom spread over three months
Personalized Coaching Programs

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