Beautiful Life Mastermind

For the high achieving woman who is ready to create the beautiful life she feels called to, with more fulfillment and ease.

Create a Life You Love
“I learned how to show up for myself and am now able to pass that on to my family and friends. I am less reactionary, struggle less and not as judgemental of myself or others.”
- Saasha S.

I see you …

You’ve achieved so much success in your life so far, but you feel called for more…

But the more you do, the more exhausted you feel. You know there has to be a different way.

There was a time when I measured my success as a wife, mother, and business owner by how much I was getting done.

But the finish line kept moving, bar kept getting raised and it was taking a toll on me; mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Can you relate?

Beautiful Life Mastermind is for you if...

All of this is possible...

But what got you here won’t get you there.

Abundance doesn’t happen by working harder.
It starts in the mind.

It’s in the embodiment of a new way of thinking, being, and behaving that shifts happen rapidly!

That is why I’m all about shifting your mindset from scarcity to abundant.

It’s way more efficient, and a LOT more fun!

Client Testimonials

Meet Laurie, Certified Life Coach

I knew there had to be a different way. I just didn’t realize the way would focus on inner work before anything outside of me could change.

Everything started to shift for me when I started learning how to shift my thinking from a place of scarcity to abundance

From this new state I started showing myself more grace and compassion and soon I lost weight, shifted careers, strengthened my marriage, increased my income and became very clear on what success really is for me.

I gained clarity, confidence and courage to create the life I have always wanted!

Now it's your turn!

“I feel more ease and flow since being part of this Mastermind. I have learned how to make space for what I need so I am able to show up as the version I am most proud of.”
- Shauna

It is fully possible to create a life that is abundant, fulfilling and filled with ease.

So that you can do more of what you are called to do, without feeling exhausted!

Let me help you get there.

“This mastermind taught me how to let my kids express their emotions and it not be a problem, which helped me show up as the mom I want to be! And I loved the support from the amazing women in the group!”
- Julie C.


Beautiful Life Mastermind


A high-touch, elite mastermind where you’ll get the mindset you need to create the fulfillment you want in your life.

Get supported in a community of women creating impact, ease, and abundance together.

It’s more than a mastermind. It’s a deeply-immersive, transformational experience!

Here’s all that’s included…

All of this is possible...

A kick-off in-person one & a half day retreat in the Lower Mainland of BC on January 12th & 13th, where you can connect with the group, immerse yourself in fun, abundant energy, and create your highest vision for 2024!!

Beautiful Life Mastermind

Your total investment is $2,500

(Payment Plan Available)

“I’ve loved the connection and support of this mastermind, and that we are all committed to moving forward. I feel more confident and grounded.”
- Grace N.

I can't wait to meet you